My stuff that may interest you
>> Thinks
A stream of links and notes and pictures and articles on new technology, new media, 360, TV, mobile, Internet, augmented reality, artificial life, digital entertainment, social networking, inspiring art. That sort of cool stuff.
>> Instant Noodle Review
Instant reviews on instant noodles, as they are consumed.

>> Brewing 2ne1
Homebrewing records, recipes and antics by a band of merry persons.
>> Experiments in modular synth music
A photo dump of my DIY build of three VCOs on stripboard using ElectroSmith VCO submodules in my Eurorack wine crate. See it in action on YouTube.
>> Experiments with CHDK
Aerial photography , time-lapse of bottle barometer and clouds , HDR (high dynamic range) imaging and stop-frame animation with CHDK, a firmware upgrade for consumer Canon cameras that opens up professional-level features.
>> Drawdio on Veroboard
Diagrams for Veroboard (stripboard) track layout to make a Drawdio
>> Webcam Eyepiece
One of the infinite number of ways you can adapt a webcam to take the place of an eyepiece that would fit into a microscope or telescope.
Using the webcam on a microscope with an IR-free light , and on a telescope.

>> DIY super-macro
Using a standard 58mm lens for a 35mm camera as a super-macro lens for a digital camera.

>> Misc Information
Technical notes on timelapse, video creation and DVD manipulation - mostly relating to the above art projects. Also general information on the free software tools I use.

>> A-Life On Pi
Low-fi artifical-life simulations on a Raspberry Pi - projects designed to run on low-end hardware to generate continually-evolving interesting behaviour and pleasing visuals.

>> if ever
lines of defence - 38 flags in five lines on wooden posts, set one metre apart, appliqued letters by Bettina Furnée; live high resolution DLSR year-long timelapse of coastal erosion at the remote location of Bawdsey, UK.

>> powerhouse
Another project with Bettina Furnée. Word association at Cambridge University with high resolution timelapse and web site interaction.

>> Reality Rules
Augmented Reality Art & Technology research collaboration with Bettina Furnée to view and propose New Rules For A Fair Society on Parker's Piece, Cambridge