Lines of Defence

A time-lapse of 'Lines of Defence', part of Bettina Furnée's "If Ever You're in the Area" art project, that captures the erosion of the Bawdsey coastline over a year. I provided the technical solution for DSLR remote time-lapse capture with web server integration. Here are some notes and experiences on the technical set-up.



POWERHOUSE was an 8 week continuous word association composition staged by Bettina Furnée at Cambridge University Library during Easter Term 2008. Again, I provided the technical solution for DSLR time-lapse, LED display control and web integration. I'll be posting up the system for this soon.


My automatically generated site with the MySpace pages of the line-ups for several UK festivals. Generated from scraping the data off the sites and using the MySpace API to search for matches. Currently for 2011 we have Latitude, Big Chill and Cambridge Folk festival.


Reality Rules

New Rules For A Fair Society

Augmented reality view

Reality Checkpoint on Parker’s Piece (the lamppost at the intersection of the park’s diagonal paths) has long been part of Cambridge folklore, and it was on this green that the foundations of the modern rules of Association Football were laid.
From 2nd July 2012 Parkers’ Piece has been populated with signs proposing your New Rules For A Fair Society using Augmented Reality. Participants are invited to come Parker’s Piece to place their own rules, and vote for others, using the free augmented reality browser Wikitude for smartphones or alternatively submit and vote for rules via the web site.