Thinks 2ne1
February 18th
Ant supercolonies can contain thousands of queen ants and cover thousands of square kilometres. Exactly how this has evolved and remains a stable strategy is not known.(via (1) Empire of the Ants - BBC Documentary HD - YouTube)
February 15th
Two different-sized ant groups working together build larger and more complex nests than ant groups consisting of single-size ants.
February 12th
Morphology-changing robots. Interesting early steps…(via Robot Melts Its Bones to Change How It Walks - IEEE Spectrum)
September 23rd
(via Robotic Fruit Fly Won’t Eat Your Fruit | Hackaday)
September 5th
» PDLab – research into Parkinson’s Disease Bits and Blobs
May 22nd
Wireless, although still ‘tethered’ to a laser beam.(via The first wireless flying robotic insect takes off | UW News)
April 19th
IDEA - nonverbal algorithm assembly instructions
January 8th
(via 3D Printed Propellers Take to the Skies | Hackaday)
April 10th
Soft-body manta ray-inspired bot uses surrounding water as one of the electrodes to contract silicone pockets of hydrogel that flap the wings. It’s speedy, strong, temperature robust, wireless and almost invisible. Developed by Tiefeng Li of Zh…
March 22nd
Computing with spider's webs: “It is known that spiders have sensitive mechanoreceptors on their legs that allow them to measure vibrations. Spiders also probe their webs by sending out vibrations and observing how it responds in form of vibration p…
March 15th
3D scanned sandpit to 360 VR racetrack. Using AR to drive an RC car with onboard 360 camera around the sandpit would also be neat! Get your Cardboard in place to best view this.
September 20th
This little fella it tough!(via World’s hardiest animal has evolved radiation shield for its DNA | New Scientist)
July 10th
Simple scam where fraudsters lock your iPhone until you send money: The solution? Simply don’t reuse your password across different websites!
June 28th
What Happened Before History? Human Origins: Quality 10 minute run-through of 6 millions years of human evolution by Kurzgesagt.
May 31st
Pong. For real!(via Pong In Real Life, Mechanical Pong | Hackaday)