Aerial Kite Photography

Comsumer digital cameras can be cheap and light which makes them excellent candidates for kite photography. I used a timelapse script, set to take a photo every 5 seconds, and crudely strapped the camera (with duck tape) to a kite. The kite I was a simple Brook pocket kite like this one which had just about enough lifting power for my 230g camera. Actually, I think it was heavier than that because I was using NiMh batteries.

My method of attachment was far from ideal. The camera spun around a lot and most of the photos are very blurred. I'm currently looking into options to remove motion blur. Any suggestions? Obviously the best solution will be to use a more stable way of attaching the camera to the kite.

Also, the kite struggled a little to lift the camera; a slightly bigger kite with more lifting power would be useful. Or a lighter camera! I've rotated the images around - no work on the motion blur yet though. Click the images for larger versions.