Stop-Frame Animation

Very first test using CHDK for stop-frame animation (aka stop motion animation). CHDK lets you use a very simple homemade CHDK USB remote cable to trigger the shutter; essential if you want to keep the camera rock-steady.

I set manual focus and white balance with a fixed aperature. Should have probably set manual shutter speed too. Then I ran the 'remote.bas' script and clicked away. Be sure to read the wiki page beacause you need to (1) enable remote functionality, and (2) run a remote script on the camera (which I either downloaded or copied from the page). As with the time-lapse, I used VirtualDub again to import the sequence and after installing the free Xvid codec (which I got from here) I could save it out as a little video.

Thanks to Milo for moving the LEGO model and pressing the button!

Next step might be to hack a wireless door bell (or dog training collar) to make a wireless remote cable. That would make it useful for aerial kite photography too.