Cheap DIY macro lens

A cheap super-macro lens for a digital camera - this one in particular fits the olympys 2020-Z digital camera; although you can get by by just holding the maco in front of a camera lens. Just.



The assembly is simply a reversed standard 58mm lens off an old 35mm camera with suitable step-down rings and a back-to-back ring (i.e. thread at both ends) that enables the lens to be attached in reverse.


Components Parts

  • Standard 58mm lens for a 35mm camera with 52mm filter thread at the end
  • The back-to-back stepdown from 52mm to 46mm (original home-made one from two broken filters glued back-to-back and another step-down)
  • 46mm to 43mm stepdown ring
  • 43mm to 41mm step down and adaptor (from olympus to fit 43mm filters to a 2020 camera)


A few notes

  • It's front heavy. Very.
  • Set the 58mm to infinity and wides aperature
  • The subject need to be a few centermeters from the lens
  • Get as much light onto the subject as possible to highest F-stop on the digital camera to maximise the depth of focus
  • Zoom as much as possible to reduce vignetting
  • It's easy for the lens to cast a shadow onto the subject
  • The depth of focus is narrow  



Macro poppy seeds
Macro poppy seeds

Macro poppy seeds

Macro fly
Macro fly