25mm CCTV Lens for m43

There are many types of CCTV lenses. This one was sold as a 'pancake' 25mm CCTV lens on ebay. It is a fair bit smaller than my other 35mm CCTV lens. However, it needed adapting to work with my the c-mount adapter.

The problem was that the back of the lens (the silver part) was too wide and would not fit into the recess in the adapter; the silver part would hit the adapter before it was fully screwed in. Great for close focus macro photos but not anything else. I needed to shave off ~3-4 mm from the diameter of the silver section.

I unscrewed the c-mount component and sawed through the metal to remove the rim of the mount. Obviously, this rim was used to hold the mouint onto the lens so, once removed, I had to glue the c-mount back onto the back of the lens with some epoxy resin.

The photos below should give a good idea as to what I did, and after that are sample photos taken with this lens on my Olympus E-PL1.

The original 25mm CCTV lens

Sample photos